Viva Espana!


Sorry for neglecting to blog for awhile. I needed a few days to catch up on sleep after an eventful time in Barcelona! I hope to post at least once a week now.

Coming from Spanish descent, it was very special that Spain was my first international trip outside of the UK. I hoped that my “Ramos” last name would give me some street cred…until I open my mouth and try to speak Spanish! Instead of boring you with my Barcelona itinerary, I want to leave you with a few quick take always from my first European trip this semester.

1) Taveling with family is so much easier.
The night before we left I felt so anxious- was I forgetting anything? Did I have my passport? What if my flight number is incorrect? What if I oversleep? I wondered why I felt so nervous until I realized that I used to never worry about this stuff! My mom would book everything and just tell me when to get up and leave for the airport! Boy did I wish I had my mom to help coordinate and plan my trip! :-p Plus I missed sharing the experiences with my family. I went with 9 friends to Barcelona, but pictures could not describe to my family the beautiful sights we saw!

2) Spain has a sweet tooth…and I like it.
I now know where I get my sweet tooth… Those Spanish ancestors! Every other shop in Barcelona was either a candy shop, gelato shop, pastry shop, or churros & chocolate shop. Needless to say I became well acquainted with all of them. I “YOLO-ed” for the weekend and got churros & chocolate three times! Hey, gotta enjoy it while I can!

3) The Siestas & night life are real.
I thought that Spanish night life and napping routines were like a myth. However, I was proven wrong (that’s what glob experiences are for right?)! Between 1-3 pm, most shops, outside of the tourist traps, were shut down. Stores didn’t even have hours of service on their front windows. I feel like they closed whenever they were tired! People eat late dinners as well. We went to dinner one night at 6:00 pm and we were the only ones in the restaurant! After dinner, everyone moseys on over to the clubs and bars. I won’t go into detail, but let me just say that we left the club EARLY at 4:30am. The Spanish know how to have a good time.

Overall I fell in love with Spain. Barcelona is a big city with small town charm. I saw the La Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas market, the beach (haven’t seen one of those in a while!), Park Guell, the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona soccer club, the 1992 Olympic village/stadium and so much more. There was even a parade over the weekend that we came across. I hope all my weekend travels are as successful as Barcelona! Check out my Facebook for more pictures and information on Spain and other journeys.


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