This past week has been an interesting one and I think I owe it to the weather. Never before have I gone weeks without seeing the sun (or had to contemplate how necessary it was to go outside). London has seen quite a bit of rain this week and chances of snow. What I would have done for a bike ride to the Huntington Pier in the sun!

However, today we had beautiful clear skies! How could we not take advantage of the day! A few friends and I went to Regent Park and basked in the sunlight. (Of course it was still cold, but hey, I am not complaining.)

Once again this experience has given me a new perspective- nothing lasts forever and nothing is constant…the semester, friends, food…even the weather. I must find BEAUTY in the unpredictable happenings rather than annoyance.

I have booked trips to 8 countries so far…talk about inconsistency! The things I will experience and see will truly be once in a lifetime! Ultimately, each of these trips, and my home base London, will affect my outlook on home. I can already tell a difference in my perspective. I miss being connected to my community. As I was leaving for London, I felt burnt out on many of my activities. I now value having jobs, extracurriculars and voluteer work. Even when it adds a lot to my plate, I enjoy being busy and giving back. Without this constant stimulation, I sit and watch netflix all day (by the way has anyone watched House of Cards Season 2 yet?!). I will also cherish my time with family and friends, and never take for granted a sunny day.


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