In the Classroom


The classrooms at City University are not very different than American classes. I have four courses I am taking; Personality and Differential Psychology, Historic London, Lifespan Psychology and Controversial Issues in Mass Media. Most of these classes meet once a week for an hour lecture, and then once more for an hour small group discussion. I think these courses should be rather easy. Most of our term papers are only 1500 words, which would be considered a mini paper at Chapman. Much of the school work is independent research. They expect me to sit and read in the library when I have a world to see?! I will try to be diligent in my work!

It is interesting that there is such diversity in our classes. in my tutorial today, there were a handful of American students, about 10 British students, 1 boy from Russia, 1 girl from Ukraine, 2 girls from Malaysia, and one girl from a country I have honestly never heard of. It makes for a less “British” experience that I was expecting (where are all the preppy British boys playing cricket?), but in all actuality, London’s diversity is what makes it special.

More from me in the classroom coming soon!


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