California Girl

Later today I am going to do more sight seeing! I will post a few pictures here, but all of my pictures will be accessible on Facebook if you are interested.


I am already amazed at what a global experience this has been thus far. London is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. Walking the streets, not only do I hear English but also other European and Middle Eastern languages. I was also surprised with the diversity within the study abroad program at City University London. Two nights ago, I was in a flat with a few of my buddies. Our hometowns varied from California, Hawaii, Chicago, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Australia and Germany! Internally and externally the United States has stereotypes whether we accept them or not. We asked the German exchange student what they thought about the US and he said, “We think you are alcoholic people who love to engage in small talk.” Whether that is valid or not, it is interesting to see other’s perceptions. 

Having been born and raised in California, I have never been aware of stereotypes I portray. With all these east coast-ers, I sure cannot handle the weather the same! Apparently I say “tour” differently as well. I think sometimes we, or at least I, live assuming the world is centered around us and our home, but  in actuality, a diverse way of life is all around us. I hadn’t expected to experience this beyond the British culture shock.




  1. So glad to hear from you!!! Love your pictures! We r visiting London through u! So happy you r settled in and getting to know some of your classmates . Be safe and enjoy- we love you!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

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