I’m Alive

I thought I had posted a few comments about my plane flight a couple days ago, but I guess my wifi cut out and it got lost. Trust me, the wifi and jet lag struggles are real over here.


Already in my experience I have learned so much about London and myself. It is weird being in a city where no one knows my name. Coming here alone was a bold move that made for a tough adjustment. It is funny what a drink at the pub can do to friendships though. I hope to continue to know my classmates and find some travel buddies.


So far we have only gone through half of orientation. I am hoping to do some sightseeing this weekend when we have free time. Orientation has given us some building blocks to our UK and British knowledge- trying to make sure we don’t walk into class on Monday as totally ignorant Americans. Can anyone tell me what makes up the United Kingdom Or what their flag symbolizes? I also learned that a “upper second” grade (equivalent to a B+) is 60%!


I got to run to orientation, but I just wanted to let you know that I am alive and well and truly opening up to this experience ahead of me! :).


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