Hello, Goodbye

Life is a constant series of hellos and goodbyes.

I am learning that nothing in our world is stable. People, places and things all come in and out of our lives. Some of the best hellos are those unanticipated and some of the hardest goodbyes are the ones we were not ready to say.

As I prepare for my journey across the pond to London, England, I have been mentally preparing for the hellos and goodbyes in this new chapter of life.

Hello to…a new home, new culture, new friends, new food, new transportation, a fresh start.

Goodbye (or preferably “see-you-later”) to…Chapman University, family, familiar meals, best friends,  my car, sunny weather and comfort in my being.

I shall say hello to London in 10 days, fall in love, and say a goodbye at the end of April. However, just as in life, I must accept the flow of change and open my heart to all that London can give me in that moment in time.

I hope you choose to follow my journey through Europe! The ups and downs, the hellos and goodbyes. The twists and turns that life, and the London tube, will take me on!



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